Hot colors can make you look cool!!!

The temperatures are rising but you can look COOL  when you are wearing the right colors!   Your right colors are unique to your skin tone, hair color (what ever that is this week!) and even your personality. You may be wearing something old you almost threw away but people will comment on how good you look because that old treasure is YOUR right color. If you’ve never had your personal colour palette done, we need to talk!!!

You can choose how indepth you want to get into your style personality because you may find out some interesting things about yourself. Not only can we help in your wardrobe colors but  if you’re wearing the wrong make-up shades, you can look tired, old and droopy! If you’re still wearing the same make-up shades you wore in high school….you need our help! (high school could have been a life time ago for some of us!) The wrong hair color can ruin your image too and can get you passed over for a job. In your house or office, is there a special room that makes you feel good? If so, it’s not just the furniture you like so well….it’s that YOUR right colors are all around you. (If you have trouble sleeping….it might not be the wrong matress….it could be you are surrounded by YOUR wrong colors!

This Spring and Summer let us help you indulge in fabulous colors like tangerine tango, hot tomato. purple wine, passionate pink, sea blue, rich turquoise and more!  Look like a million bucks in cool capris, sundresses, tunics  in bohemian prints, colorful  skirts in lots of lengths and the jewelry to match. You’ll love our Wallaroo Hats, Onesole Shoes and Big Elegance purses and a sale rack to die for!  We are your personal wardrobe artist so when you walk in to a room…heads will turn.  No matter where you’re going….. you need your  Flair! on.