The secret to younger looking skin while you sleep!!!

Skincerity by Accessories with a Flair and Hair! Linda Winter
Skincerity! Only $99 Introductory Price. Amazing results…look younger now!

Does your skin look fried from the record hot temperatures most of the country has been experiencing?  Did anyone mistake you for a lizard while laying out at the pool? When you look in the mirror do you see deep crevasses like the Grand Canyon and almost the same burnt orange colors people see in the desert? Maybe your face is 40+ but it doesn’t have to make you look twice your age. We have found an AMAZING product to help you restore your youthful looks!!

After being a cosmetologist and make-up artist for 42 years, I have tried many products that keep your skin smooth but I was looking for a step above the rest. I have discovered SKINCERITY.  The concept is simple. SKINCERITY is a breathable masque which, when used nightly, creates healthy, younger looking skin while you sleep!!

 Here’s the secret… dont’ have to change the skin care products you are already using because SKINCERITY  ROLLS ON over your night time regime! (of course I recommend ARBONNE Skin Care products which I have sold for 15 years in my salon. I would be happy to give you a FREE demo anytime). You won’t believe the benefits SKINCERITY has for thousands of users worldwide.

Skincerity – the secret to younger looking skin!

      • Rejuvenates,rehydrates and repairs
      • Reduces large pores
      • Tones and tightens skin and reduces redness
      • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles (we have the before and after pictures)
      • Clinically tested, dermatologist recommended with scientific formulation
      • patented technology as a breathable masque

The fun part is you ROLL it on over whatever you are using and YOUR product’s effectiveness is 4x’s greater! I have used it on my  hands to get rid of creepy skin even though my hands are in water all day. If you don’t have time or money to get med spa types of treatments, SKINCERITY is the answer!

How to purchase Skincerity skincare products?

You can go to my website  at for more info, see pictures or place an order. Here is another SECRET…. You can have it shipped to your door or come in to my salon because I will never run out of SKINCERITY!  On the website the price is $129.00 (which it a great value) but as an INTRODUCTORY PRICE I  am offering it for $99 because I want you to see your face look younger in a few days!  If you want to offer SKINCERITY to your friends I’ll  help you enroll in the company, get your own website and get paid to look younger.  If you love the product like I do, you can do an auto-ship each month and get the product for just $69!  Whatever you decide, you could look younger than your daughter by using SKINCERITY while you sleep!!!

    Remember, what you do to your skin in your 20’s will be the skin you deserve in your 50’s!! It’s never too late…  Even if you live in the Sahara Desert – you’ll look great if you use  SKINCERITY!!!!