Top 10 Reasons to Shop at ACCESSORIES with a FLAIR!…and HAIR in Greeley Colorado

Look like a movie star with Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair | Greeley, CO
10.    An accessory  SMORGASBORD so complete they’ll mistake you for a MOVIE STAR!

9.     NO FASHION DON’TS at Flair! If it looks bad, we’ll tell you. When it looks good, we’ll put your personal accessory collection together to extend your wardrobe.

8.     We’re a  boutique, hair salon and make-up studio for one stop shopping , saving you time and $$$$$.

Accessorize your wardrobe at Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair | Greeley, CO7.    “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!” ( from Steel Magnolias). Bring in clothes and we’ll help you civilize your wardrobe.

6.    You won’t see yourself on the street. We buy only a few of any piece to keep your style unique.

 5.    No “fatal attraction” people stalking you. We’re low key but high fashion. Enjoy an adult beverage while getting “shopping therapy for your soul!”

 4.    You don’t have to smash your face against glass cases trying to see the jewelry you want. Everything is at your fingertips and you can try it on!

3.     Have a COLOR FLASH to see what’s HOT for the season! We’ll help you find your right color palette for your clothes, jewelry, haircolor. make-up and more. It could help you get a job….or a new boyfriend!!!!

2.  Schedule a private event for you and 10 of your friends at our place or yours. Everyone gets a FREE GIFT and you get 10% of sales for yourself in merchandise!

  Fashion Show fun with Linda Winter from Accessories with a Flair and Hair

FASHION SHOWS are fun at teas, luncheons or conventions.  Call us today to schedule one for your group!!!

And the #1 reason to shop at  ACCESSORIES with a FLAIR!…and HAIR    is

Savvy women covet our fashion and accessory trends to make them look  HOT!!!!!!

Accessories with a Flair! . . .and Hair | Greeley, Colorado