Restore, Revive, Revisit your good looks!

Revive your good looks2013 is an awesome time to revive your good looks! We all have them but sometimes we allow ourselves to get into a rut.( Look at us…we moved to a new location and created more fun!). At our boutique, hair salon and make-up studio we specialize in helping you be fashion forward without breaking the bank. Remember, you deserve to spend some money on yourself….You’re worth it!!!

The Role of Color

Color plays an important role in how you look and feel. Wear the wrong colors and you look older, wrinkled and blah. We do mini color analysis sessions for $25 which will help you choose your best colors. We can even do one on your lunch hour. Our $50 session includes skin care, makeup and hair color analysis and you’ll leave with samples to continue the experience.

Revive your good looksIt’s surprising how a new hairstyle can help us look fab, not drab. Easy care perms are the rage. No more frizz, just big curls to give your hair and your spirits a lift. We recommend professional products for all hair types. Don’t play around with home haircolor unless you aren’t worried about the results. Call us before disaster strikes!

After we find your best colors, you can select fun fashions, awesome jewelry, hats, purses and more fun things we get in every week. We love our new location where we provide shopping therapy for the soul!

Let us transform you from a lukewarm look to head-to-toe HOT!


Come as you are….leave like a STAR!!!