How to make your skinny hair look FAT!

Make your skinny hair look fat!  Greeley ColoradoDo you get tired of seeing all the star’s hair looking full, voluminous and wildly healthy? Long and flowing, moving in the wind with a mere shake of their head? Were they born with it?…or do they have a secret?

When you think of how much torture their hair goes through (changing color, being under hot lights, curling, straightening, updos, blow outs etc.) They DO have a secret…it’s all in using the right products and using them correctly.

A normal hair has 3 layers. As we age, the center (which is the strength) diminishes. Eventually it may go away all l together so that your hair feels more fine or thin and you may think you’re losing your hair when in fact, your hair is just SKINNY!

Here are some tips for fuller hair (and by the way, we DO sell these products in our salon!)

1.  Use a shampoo like “Full” which weightlessly cleanses hair and makes it feel thicker. An everyday shampoo may be too much  so you need “Prime style extender” that locks the style in longer, weather proofs your hair and repels oil and dirt.

2.  Don’t over condition your hair, just use enough to detangle and make hair shine. Use “Satin Serum”  to smooth, eliminate  frizz and create shine with no oils or silicone.

3.  Before styling, apply a “Thickening Cream” or “Weightless Styling Spray” or “Thickening Mousse” to add fullness, not give hair a dirty feeling. Read labels. Anything containing paraffin , beeswax or alcohol are cheap fillers made to coat the hair which can impair coloring or perming.

4.  Blow hair dry upside down until roots are mostly dry, then finish the damp ends with a round brush.

5.  We use “Flex” shaping spray which can be used on damp hair or dry hair as a setting spray, heat protectant or brushable hairspray. Spray on hairspray upside down, then let hair fall with gravity as you stand up. Use hairspray as a styling tool not just a way to mat down a style.

Healthy hair always looks fuller. We are all guilty of over-coloring, over-perming and over torturing our hair. Stop by our salon so we can analyze your hair, prescribe the right products and find a solution for those bad hair days. We can make your skinny hair look fat and full!

At Accessories with a Flair! . . and Hair we want you to “Come as you are… and leave like a STAR!”