We are seeing a sort of renaissance movement for the love of hats! In the 1920’s everyone wore a hat for personal and special events. Men had nicely styled hats and work hats. Women had a sensible hat for everyday wear and stylish hats including netting and side fitting hats for evenings out.

Practical and Fashionable Hats are in Demand

Hats by Accessories with a Falir! . . . and HairToday there is an increasing demand for hats for practical and festive occasions and Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair has a great selection of both! The practical hat wearer today is concerned with convenience for traveling and having adequate sun protection. The stylish hat wearer is influenced by overseas styles (as portrayed by the latest Royal Wedding party) and the unique fashion statement a well designed hat will add to an outfit. In either case – there is a hat style that is just perfect for your need.

One area that has contributed to the rise of hat fashions lately is the availability of new fabrics and materials that allow for hats to have a transparent look, yet hold their shape very well. Patterns, colors, light, mysterious, seductive and amazingly functional designs are increasing the number of people wearing hats every day!

For the Kentucky Derby in May of 2013 we sold an amazing amount of hats! We are delighted to see this key piece of your ensemble move into a stronger role for your fashion sense. It’s not considered “old school” anymore! Fun, sassy head pieces that are secured with headbands are also creating quite a stir with younger women as they look to adorn a simple dress with a bit of style in their hair that creates interest and adds a bit of “pop” and height to their unique look!

Outside Graduation? Wear a Stylish Hat

Many women love the protection a hat provides. The sun is strong and while we love to soak in all that great Vitamin D rays – we are ever mindful of protecting our skin against the sun to keep our skin smooth. Finding a hat that matches or coordinates well with your outfit is easy with Accessories with a Flair!  . . . and Hair. At most stores you might have one or two possibilities. Here at Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair you might literally fall in love with 8 hats! We will help  you decide. (You can take home 2 or 3 as well!)

Whatever the occasion, a hat is a great idea to complete your outfit and provide that stylish element you may be missing. Come on over to Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair and try on a new hat to protect you while you’re gardening, provide a bit of whimsy for your evening, or give you that head-turning look that others will envy. Our inventory changes on a weekly basis, so some of the hats you see here might not be in stock but there will be other gems you will fall in love with right away! We hear this everyday! Consider hats in your wardrobe and make a statement. You’ll love them!

Hats by Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair

Come see our wide selection of hats for sun protection, style, fun and fashion!