Your feet will thank you when you choose Onesole Shoes!

Onesole Shoes |  Accessories with a Flair and Hair | Greeley, ColoradoOnesoles are  the original interchangeable shoes with snap on comfy tops. It’s so easy to travel because you only need one sole and then choose from dozens of colorful tops that can be changed to match any outfit. You’ll love tops with swarowski crystals, silk screened patterns, clog tops, solid colors, picture tops, espadrilles and more.

Wear them to the office, on the beach, for a dressy night out and any other event where style and comfort are important to you. Made in the USA, the tops are made of durable neopreen and the shoes are sturdy enough to wear everyday. Great shoes are another must-have to extend your wardrobe with “Flair”!  Let us  help you change your style with a snap!