Fall 2013 Style Tips

When the seasons change, so do our attitudes about style and fashion. Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, make-up or haircolor, a change can be good for our sanity. Here are some great fall 2013 style tips!

Work with a Stylist

     Getting back to a more defined schedule doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean you throw out those great purchases you made in the last 6 months, but incorporate them  into what’s “new” to change your look. We like to be called your “Image Magician” because we love to help you  create a new wardrobe by adding a few new pieces.

Make-up and Hair Color Fall 2013 Style Tips

     If you’re not wearing the right colors for your skin and hair color, you could be looking (and feeling) old, tired, wrinkled and just plain “blah”. For a small fee we can find your Personal Color Palette which makes shopping much more fun and productive.


     You’re going to love the rich colors this Fall.  Arriving daily in our store are clothes and jewelry in emerald green, cobalt blue, copper, bronze, navy and gray. Black and white combos never go away (just like animal prints) and they can be incorporated with reds and turquoise for an interesting mix. Here is a great chart to help guide your Fall 2013 Style choices so you can add warmth, richness, sophistication or lively moods – just from colors you choose.


Fall 2013 Style Tips Accessories with a Flair and Hair  Greeley, CO
Your Fall Color Guide for 2013


     If your hair has faded being out in the sun, it’s time to add rich hi-lites or low-lites in chocolate, butterscotch and burnished copper. Beautiful color doesn’t matter if your hair looks dry, brittle and abused. The right shampoo really does make a difference and we can prescribe deep conditioning products you can use once a week to revive your hair. Consider the Restore product from Living proof in our salon. It will bring you hair back to life!


     Is there just the right hairstyle for you? Your hair type, lifestyle and face shape can dictate the most flattering style for you. Come in and try on one of our Raquel Welch wigs to test different colors and styles before you make a major change in your hair. Wigs really are a fashion accessory, great for work, play and bad hair days.


    Wine Stained Lips Fall 2013 Style Tips by Linda Winter | Greeley, CO If you’re still wearing the same make-up colors you wore in high school, it is time for a change. When we do photo shoots, weddings, professional looks and classes for beginning make-up wearers, a few make-up tricks make a difference. We’ve added Airbrush Make-up Application for the flawless look everyone wants.


Fall 2013 Style Tips for Fashion

     Fashion can be fun so call today for an appointment for a personal consultation that can make you look outstanding. It can make the difference in getting a job, a date or just to make you look HOT!
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