Hello this is Linda Winter from Accessories with a Flair and Hair

Fashion with a Flair with Linda Winter of Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair


Hello this is Linda Winter from Accessories with a Flair and Hair. and I’d like to show you the fun suitcase sets that we have. They look like they’re two pieces, put they are really three. Look how easy it is to roll it down the concourse and this is the carry on that matches and there’s even a hidden piece right inside. So, I’m going to show you how many outfits you can get into this suitcase I think you can get 20 plus your shoes and maybe even a wig.

And let’s see what’s inside. You can never have even storage when you’re trying to travel. You even get a cosmetic bag and those will actually hold the 2 ounce bottles that you are supposed to have nowadays. So let’s see what’s in here!

I think we can get 16 – 20 outfits plus your shoes plus a hat plus wigs. So let’s see what s in here. These colors are so distinctive that when you’re at the carousel at the airport you will be able to find your jewelry.

And here we can open it up, we have a packable crushable wallaroo hat! Matches everything. If  you know you are going into some fun tropical areas what about a nice skirt and here’s the matching top and it all goes with the theme of blues and blacks and bright colors for spring and summers and any trips.

How about a nice tunic in lots of colors that fits all sizes it goes with our fun leggings. And don’t forget you’ve got to have a little bit of bling on the bottom. Notice how these don’t wrinkle. So you’ll see I can just pull them out of here – the whole week that you’re gone on vacation you don’t even have to unpack because none of these things will wrinkle.

And maybe you’ll like to bring some tropical colors in with a black top with 3/4 sleeves some peacock feathers on the back. And don’t forget you must have all the jewelry that matches. So put together a jewelry survival kit together so you’ll have all the same colors in your palette.

With our fun tops we want capri pants maybe a little detailing on the side with the buttons, but there again, they are crushable and packable. You’ll always want to have a big scarf maybe in tropical prints you can use it in the traditional ways  that you always tie a scarf you can tie it around your waist. But if you tie the opposite ends together of the scarf it will turn into a cocoon jacket. You’ll always have a little wrap with you an you never know when you are at the hotel or if you are at a luau that you can have a little wrap with you. so this is going to be a busy color for what I am wearing but I’ll show you how it fits. It doesn’t matter how tall how short what you’ve got on you always have your little jacket with you. Cocoon jacket. and to top it all off…. a skirt…rolled up to fit your wuitcase

And maybe you like some tropical colors in a broomstick skirt. And this is reversible. One night you use it this way and then this way.

A rowena scarf wrap) is good for a more formal occasion. These are sewn in maui and hand painted in Colorado. Incorporate all your colors and you won’t have a problem finding something to wear. End it with a nice vest that can become a scarf.

Pack lightly and travel lightly and have every piece you need. At Accessories with a Flair!  . . . and Hair we like you to Come as you Are and Leave like a Star! I’m Linda Winter with Accessories with a Flair! . . .  and Hair thank you!


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Fashion with a Flair Packing a Suitcase by Linda Winter