Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair brings you the latest trends and styles for all your fashion needs for festive parties and gifts for your friends and loved ones.

In January 2015 we introduce Star Natural Skincare! – Now you can look like a star with our amazing nutrient rich all-natural skincare line with active ingredients. Refresh your skin with our Coconut Silk Cleanser followed by the Island Coconut Moisturizer. These products exclusive to Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair are best absorbed after you’ve used your Rice Bran and Bamboo Exfoliant called Rainforest Skin Exfoliant.  Come in and try these wonderful Star Natural Skincare products. It’s a great way to keep your skin beautifully smooth and radiant.

Our “Fashion with a Flair!” video moments on Youtube continue to be a huge hit! These are an informative way for me to stay in touch with you and show you all the great new inventory at the store. I also have great tips on using the fabrics and colors in different ways for evening and day styles. Here’s our popular wig video – so many great styles to choose!

Everyday we appreciate our customers who walk in the door looking for something unique to wear, needing help with their hair or are looking for great skin care and make-up choices. Our boutique, hair salon and make-up studio are a popular one-stop shopping experience for all ages. No matter what age, what style, or what size you are, we can find something special for you.

Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair  provides clothes made of easy care fabrics that will always be chic, trendy and just right for your shape. When you look good, we look good! Arriving daily are new items we can’t wait to add to our collection. Sometimes you need to shop in your own closet and bring in pieces we can jazz up with a new scarf, jewelry, hat, purse, belt, shoes and more.

Chat with us on Facebook if you have any questions, or need further information. Our fashions shows and our monthly Chix Need a Fashion Fix! sessions are always fun filled times involving new fashions, color palette recommendations, accessories configurations, and much needed girl time as well!

We are always searching for just the right fashion pieces you won’t see on anyone else. Enjoy an adult beverage or a cup of our gourmet healthy coffee with a health kick while  you get shopping therapy for your soul at Accessories with a Flair! . . . and Hair.

We’ll make your shopping experience fun, a great value and most of all make your wardrobe POP and your skin GLOW!

 “It doesn’t matter where you’re going….just how you look when you get there!”